UMASS Medical School, USAID Funded Clinical Research Training for Medical Residents, Liberia

Workshop 3, Qualitative Methods

Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine — Infectious Diseases and Global Health

Case Studies in Global Health

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Global Programs  

Thessaloniki, Greece

Cape Town, South Africa

                      Social Science Research Methods for the Interactive Qualifying Project (ID2050)

Global Public Health                      

Fundamentals of Global Health (STS1200)

                         Global Health Senior Seminar (STS4000)

University Of Virginia

Global Health Policy and Practice (PHS5184), co-taught with Rebecca Dillingham

Tufts University

Medical Anthropology (ANTH0148)

University of Connecticut

Medical Anthropology (ANTH3300)

Sociocultural Anthropology, writing intensive (ANTH2000W)

Sociocultural Anthropology, writing intensive (ANTH2000W)

Illness and Curing, writing intensive (ANTH3202W)

Other Peoples’ Worlds, writing intensive (ANTH1000W)